#1 Autothrottle von klflyer 16.11.2007 21:01

Hi all

I have a question about the AT. I just can't get it to work. I have alt hold activated and it even shows on the PFD that AT is active but thrust is not changing . The only time I got it to work is when I have LVLCH activated. Then the engines go to full power or to idle. Can anybody help me in this matter? I don't know what else to try .


BTW the merge with the Eurowings model works like a charm. Thanks again Matthias!
#2 Re: Autothrottle von Matthias_L 16.11.2007 21:21

Hi klflyer,

Great! I'm very happy that you could manage to bring the EW model to work with my panel.

About your problem:

Some months ago another Flightsimmer had the same problem here in the Forum. You can find this in the BAe 146 board - the name of the topic was "TMS question". It seems to be a problem when using a hardware throttle with more than one axis in combination with FSUIPC.dll. I'm very sorry but I do not know what to do to solve this

Maybe someone here knows the reason and has a solution for it.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Autothrottle von klflyer 16.11.2007 21:30

Hi Matthias

Wow that was a quick reply! However I don't believe that what you suggested is my problem. I use only a very simple Logitech joystick which has only one axis as throttle. Could it have something to do with the Eurowings merge?

#4 Re[3]: Autothrottle von Matthias_L 16.11.2007 21:45

Hi again klflyer,

I don't think that the EW merge is responsible for the problem with LVLCHG. This must be something els but unfortunately I don't know why this happens on some computers.

But the EW merge could be responsible that the basic autothrottle (IAS hold for example) des not work. Could you please open the aircraft.cfg and check the autopilot section? There you must have at least the following entries:


Please change the values there when you could find any difference.

Best Regards
#5 Re[4]: Autothrottle von klflyer 16.11.2007 22:06

Hi again

That was it! The aircraft.cfg from EW of course had AT disabled (as it is a BAe) and so IAS hold didn't work.

The thing with the LVLCH was a missunderstanding because it always worked (sorry my bad, I explained it wrong).

Thanks again for this great panel and the very quick help.

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