#1 Aircraft will not lift off runway on T/O von jackperr 30.11.2008 01:49

Downloaded the Fedex / UPS Bae -200QT. the textures dont show properly, only the tail fin has some color,the aircraft operates ok. Downloaded and installed Tiger air services texture which showed correctly. The problem is that this aircraft will not lift off at Vr. it rotates but doesnt leave the ground. Would appreaciate any help.
#2 Re: Aircraft will not lift off runway on T/O von Adrian19 30.11.2008 04:49

Hi Jackperr,

the no show on the textures sounds like a .cfg file error. Make sure that the 'texture=' line in the corresponding aircraft section, points to the correct texture file. Jon's 200QT model has a blue coloured tail when no texture is showing with the rest of the model in white.

The take-off problems could be for one of several reasons. Have you replaced the FDE and .cfg as per the panel installation instructions. Another possibility is that the Airbrakes and/or Lift Dump Spoilers are not completely stowed. Another cause, that has actually happened to me, is that the Wingfold has been accidently operated, although there's no visible indication that they're folded, it will prevent the Aircraft from taking-off.

If your having problems with the .cfg file, post it here and we will see what we can do.

Hope this helps,
..............Adrian W.
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