#1 Avro Panel V4.2 + Aerosoft Model von geoffco 14.01.2008 17:05


Has anyone used the V4.2 panel with the Aerosoft model - the one from the Eurowings2004 package? If so, are there any problems / tricks / recommendations? I have been using the Aerosoft A/C and panel for a long time and I'm just about fed up with pressing buttons that don't actually do anything!
If anyone has done this, there is another question: Can the FMC be used with this panel? I know of some people using the free FMC (I forget it's name) with positive results...


#2 Re: Avro Panel V4.2 + Aerosoft Model von Peter 14.01.2008 17:23

Hi Geoff,

I found a topic on this forum about using the Eurowings with the Avro panel. Maybe there's a solution for you. You can find it here : http://baeforum.communityhost.de/thread/?thread__mid=392556196
Hope it helps you.


#3 Re: Avro Panel V4.2 + Aerosoft Model von Matthias_L 15.01.2008 07:28

Hi Geoff,

Sorry for moving your posting. As it is a question about the ARJ panel, I think it's better placed here.

Unfortunately I don't have the actual Eurowings package, but I read here in the forum that it is possible to combine its aircraft with my panel. Nevertheless you must change some parts in the aircraft.cfg. You could find a description of what you must do in the posting "Eurowings Pro Merge" below.

About the EW FMC: As such gauges are very special, I don't think that the EW Pro FMC works with my panel. However you could try it. When it works, a vertical navigation mode is not possible, because my panel use separate variables for the altitude. Lateral navigation should work then when using the LNAV mode (not HDG).

A combination of the ARJ panel with Jon Murchison's new model is not tested yet, as you could see in Peter's link.

Best Regards
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