#1 Crashed by ntdll.dll von Palani 22.10.2007 15:42

Hello again, all!

After I got this adorable Panel to work (with various re-installs) I jammed into the next problem: When I set up a flight with the Ah let's say CRJ700 and then switch to BAE146 I have no problems at all. But when I set it up with the BAe right at the beginning the sim goes belly up, giving me to read this nasty message about what happened.
It's every time the same reason. Some dll called ntdll.dll does the whoopee and this isn't a FSX dll at all. Now I checked if I have the latest version, which is what I have.
So.... Anyone any clues or am I dammed to start my flights through the backdoor?

Core 2 Duo 6600
2GB Ram
NVidia 7600GT 256MB PCI-e


PS: Edited Subject to something more specific
#2 Re: Crashed by ntdll.dll von billhodges 22.10.2007 19:07

Try takeing the dll file out of the module folder and place it in the main flight sim folder and try it then.
#3 Re[2]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Palani 22.10.2007 19:36

But it isn't a Flightsim dll. This is a system dll. And it hangs around in windows\system32.
#4 Re[3]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von billhodges 22.10.2007 20:02

Don't know then sorry
#5 Re[4]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Matthias_L 22.10.2007 20:34

Hi Palani,

First of all, I'm very sorry that you have problems with my panel. It seems that FSX is making more troubles than I thought. My panel runs on some systems without any problems and on others it makes this and some other trouble. Unfortunately I still don't have the new simulator, so I couldn't give you any help here . I hope that I get my new computer within just a few days to install the new sim on it. Hope it's no problem for you to continue starting my new version by the backdoor for a while. As soon as I run the new sim I'll start with the necessary updates for my panel. Adrian already gave me some tips for it.

Best Regards
#6 Re[5]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Adrian19 22.10.2007 21:28

Hi Palani,

I think the sound gauge may have something to do with your problem as I see your using FSX SP1.

Apparently some of the API's in the gauge got deprecated by Microsoft when they put out SP1.

I've passed the new version to Matthias that Doug Dawson sent me, but while we're waiting for Matthias to implement this update I'll post a new thread on what to do in the interim period.

best.... Adrian W
#7 Re[6]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Palani 23.10.2007 09:00

@Matthias_L: Thank you for your sorrows - I still think the panel is worth that I tinker with it for a while. And please don't get me wrong. I still appreciate your work on this awesome panel.

Yes, I think it's got something to do with that sound. Because I have that flickering on the startermotor, too. I have to crank it like my old granada. As real as it gets, right?
#8 Re[7]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Adrian19 23.10.2007 13:53

Hey Palani,

was your old Ford Granny British built ?

If so, it too could be BAe !!!

BRITISH ANTIQUE equipement....

Best.... Adrian W.

P.S. Glad the new sound gauge solved your CTD's. I'm also pleased that I'm not the only one having engine start problems, as an interim measure use the autostart function on the APU panel (the red square), that works fine.
#9 Re[8]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Palani 23.10.2007 15:25

Hi Adrian!
Ah - that'll be the reason. I've always asked myself what that "wrong configuration" light on the dashboard means

You mean actually autostart? No - I won't do that. Me and my BAe go way back and I am so used to this startup procedure that I am sneering at all those autostart planes like those that came with the sim. My BAe is an old lady and if she has her funny little ways - well, then so be it.
And if that starter motor finally goes belly up - that virtual starter motors don't cost a fortune, I'll have that repaired

Let you TO equals your landings
#10 Re[9]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Adrian19 24.10.2007 02:33

I'm of the same opinion Palani,

I too prefer 'cold and dark' and rather go through the whole procedure than take shortcuts, in fact I hardly ever touch a Microsoft job, too easy !!

I hope Matthias can solve our problems soon so we can get down to some serious flying.

BTW are you getting the same bugs as me, with the HDG hold on approach to final and the braking upon landing ?

may your landings also equal your takeoffs...... Adrian W.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

@ Matthias,
until you have FSX installed, if you need some ideas tested, just send them to me. I'm ready, willing and hopefully able.

Best.... Adrian W
#11 Re[10]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Palani 24.10.2007 13:17

Hi Adrian

The matter with the HDG is a story of its own. I cannot be too precise because with that online flying I had too much on my hands to say it happens around 4000ft (Which was the alt you referred to, didn't you?). But it could be something llike that, yes. Once and again it switched that AP off for good and flew by hand (like in the olden days, you know).
But yesterday I was stashed in a holding for at least half a century and got experimental. I realized that the heading bug wanders around, when you switch between HDG and LNAV. So I choose the heading with LNAV position - and guess: It works. Don't ask me why.
#12 Re[11]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Matthias_L 24.10.2007 18:59

Hi again,


Thank you very much for your offer. At the moment I don't know what could cause further problems in FSX or things which are important to check. But I'm sure I find some as soon as I use the new simulator


HDG and LNAV are using different headings. When using HDG hold, the aircraft follows the heading which is adjusted in the BAe 146 autopilot. When using LNAV, the aircraft follows a heading course which is send from a further gauge (FMS) or tool (like FSNavigator). Normally you could not change the heading yourself when using LNAV as there is no readout for this course or bug where you could adjust it.

Best Regards
#13 Re[12]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Palani 25.10.2007 16:01


@Matthias: I see what you're poiting out (it is written in the manual somewhere after all) But nevertheless: It's just llike I've written. Normally I fly with vasFMC (aka simple FMC) which I have to turn off, when ATC points me to a shortcut or gives me vectors for approach. After then I have to use LNAV. Maybe some trigger event that doesn't get undone?

@Adrian: No, I don't have any braking problems whatsoever. She's braking like a hero - brake temp shoots up to 'round 700° - everything is fine

best regards
#14 Re[13]: Crashed by ntdll.dll von Matthias_L 26.10.2007 18:47

Hi Adrian and Palani,

You really knock the stuffing out of me . A brake temperature of 700°C is really near the limit (quite too much for a normal braking sequence) and what you wrote about HDG .... oh my god ... I think I should jump over FSX

It seems that really several functions have changed in FSX from a switch to a trigger function. This could be the reason for the starter and the HDG hold problem. For the starter I know an acceptable solution, but not for the HDG hold. I hope this problem is more harmless than it seems to be. A rework of the AP means a massive amount of work, especially heading hold because of LNAV.

Best Regards
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