#1 Paul hannity's 146? von EGPFGLA 23.09.2009 01:14

Hi all

Im new. Names alex. Just wondering where to find more of pauls repaints. Hunted all over the web only got the lufth and aer l ones. its a great model but the textures let it down!? thnx

#2 Re: Paul hannity's 146? von Adrian19 24.09.2009 07:56

Hi Alex,

I just did a quick search on AVSIM using "Paul Hannity" in the search field and came up with this list

Aer Lingus Commuter, Aer Lingus Dot Com, British European, Eurowings - Lufthansa Regional,
Lufthansa Cityliner, Lufthansa Regional, Northwest Airlines, SN Brussels, Titan Airways & WDL Aviation.

That's just on AVSIM, I haven't looked on the other sites.
If you click on the Aircraft links "BAe 146" or "Avro ARJ" in the left margin here, you will find a link at the bottom of the page that gives you a list of repaints + modeller, the list above seems to be about it, for Pauls model.

There is of course Jon Murchisons newer model available over at Historic Jetliners Group http://www.simviation.com/hjg/ , there you will find a very good selection of repaints of both old and new liveries.

................Adrian W.
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