#1 Eurowings Pro Merge von klflyer 27.09.2007 16:04

Hello everybody

I was just wondering if anybody has ever tried to do a merge between this panel and the Eurowings Pro model? Would it be possible? I'm asking because to make this panel work a special .air file is needed for every model and I haven't found one for the Eurowings one. It would be cool if it would work because there's only a BAe 146 panel included which isn't all that good either.


P.S. Is it true that the Eurowings model is the best one out there right now? If not I don't really need a merge .
#2 Re: Eurowings Pro Merge von Matthias_L 28.09.2007 08:05

Hi klflyer,

Unfortunately I don't have the payware Eurowings package so I couldn't say if it's model is better than others. Even if I had the package, I could not rework the original FDE files because of the copyright. Nevertheless I could tell you what you must change in the aircraft.cfg to bring the panel to work with the EW model (make a backup first!):

First unzip my replacement airfile (*.air) into the aircraft folder of your EW model. You don't need to delete the existing airfile (*.air), because I'm sure it has another name. Then open the aircraft.cfg of your EW model (with notepad for example) and make the following changes:

[fltsim.0], [fltsim.1], [fltsim.2] and maybe others:

search for the sim= entry und replace the existing airfile name with my replacement airfile name without the extension. When the name of my airfile is bae1462.air for example, it should look like this:


You should compare the max_gross_weight of both files (the EW one and my replacement one). When the difference is not too big, you don't need to change it. Otherwise use the max_gross_weight of my file (important for the TRP)

Replace the complete [fuel] section of the EW model with my one (important for the fuel transfer and feed valves).

Set the gear_system_type to zero. It must look like this: gear_system_type=0. When you don't have the gear_system_type entry there, copy it to the [contact_points] section.

Replace the complete [electrical] section of the EW model with my one.

Replace the complete [Radios] section of the EW model with my one.

Replace the [Flaps.0] section with this one:


And delete all other maybe existing Flaps sections (like Flaps.1], Flaps.2])

Replace the complete [hydraulic_system] section of the EW model with my one.

That's hopefully all.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Eurowings Pro Merge von klflyer 28.09.2007 14:13

Hello Matthias

Thanks a lot for your response. I will give it a try as soon as I have time. The only question I have left is which airfile I should use. There are lots of different ones for every model. Which one is the best one?

Thanks in advance
#4 Re[3]: Eurowings Pro Merge von Matthias_L 28.09.2007 18:59

Hi klflyer,

The included FDE files are all the same. I just add different weights to the -200 (RJ85) and -300 (RJ100) and different contact points. So when you use it for a RJ85 or BAe 146-200 you could use the files from Jon's -200, Mike Stones RJ85 or Paul Hannity's -200. When you want to use it for a RJ100 or BAe 146-300 you could use the files from Jon's -300 or Paul's -300.

Best Regards
#5 Re[4]: Eurowings Pro Merge von RwO 21.10.2007 11:47

Any news? I am also interested in this merge, cause the Eurowings model looks just great! But the panel is really weird, and it has no A/T...I'am at work right now but as soon as I get home I'll try to do this merge (i'm glad i,ve found this thread) and I`ll post whatever result I'll get
#6 Re[5]: Eurowings Pro Merge von RwO 21.10.2007 13:09

Well, what should I change in the autopilot section of the aircraft.cfg?
#7 Re[6]: Eurowings Pro Merge von PhilippAT 21.10.2007 13:47

of all the freewaremodels, in my opinion, paul hannity´s model is the best one. i have very fine results with this model and matthias´ panels. i´m looking forward to his new model with VC, if he just working on it?!
#8 Re[7]: Eurowings Pro Merge von RwO 21.10.2007 14:17

Well, it works! Did all the changes Matthias sugested, including replacing the [[autopilot]] section, and it works pretty well.
#9 Re[8]: Eurowings Pro Merge von Matthias_L 22.10.2007 19:16

Hi RwO and hi Philipp,

Sorry that I didn't answer here sooner. Unfortunately I had no possibility yet but I'm very happy that you could manage the merge with my panel .

Best Regards
#10 Re[9]: Eurowings Pro Merge von RwO 24.10.2007 06:59

Just one more thing...I'm not sure on this one,but normally when you turn on the navigation lights and/or the cockpit lights, shouldn't the lights in the cockpit and the windows in the passengers cabin turn on as well? I mean i'm not sure like I've said,if the eurowings modelhas got this lights or if it's something related to the merge...does the lights turn on on the exterior model when using a freeware plane?
#11 Re[10]: Eurowings Pro Merge von RwO 24.10.2007 07:01

The lights on the exterior model don't turn on, that's what I was talking about.
#12 Re[11]: Eurowings Pro Merge von Matthias_L 24.10.2007 19:09

Hi RwO,

The exterior lights are part of the aircraft model. The aircraft designer decides with which light switch or other switch/function the exterior lights could be activated. This could be very different. Unfortunately I don't have the EW model, so I don't know which function this model use.

I'm very sorry that I couldn't give you more information about those lights

Best Regards
#13 Re[12]: Eurowings Pro Merge von RwO 24.10.2007 20:42

Thnaks for your answer, and for the great panel. I guess I'll have to keep tweaking with aircraft.cfg in order to get the best results.
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