#1 panel version 4 von mondeoman 24.10.2007 20:37

Like the panel, looks great, its a pity that I am unable to install it correctly. I have followed the install instructions and although it does appear in the 146 I am unable to get the engines fired up. I realise that this is for real pilots but for the person who wants to enjoy flying on a part time basis it is far to complicated. Will stick to the less complicated panels.
#2 Re: panel version 4 von Matthias_L 24.10.2007 20:42


"Will stick to the less complicated panels."

Okay, thanks for the info.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: panel version 4 von Manny 26.10.2007 13:22

Hey Matthias, dont let a few people like that get you upset. Your panel is great, realistic and of payware quality. We all know how much free time you put into your work for others to enjoy.
#4 Re[3]: panel version 4 von Matthias_L 26.10.2007 17:31

Hi Manny,

Thank you very much for your kind words and the compliment about the BAe panel. I'm very happy that you like it. Such a posting didn't upset me. I know that really many flightsimmers prefer less complicate panels for just a short trip in the FS. That's absolutely okay and there are a lot of such panels available in the web. I'm sure mondeoman will find one he likes.

Best Regards
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