#1 MWS Gauge von Jim Hodkinson 17.09.2007 14:19

Hi Matthias

First things first, what a stunning panel and I’m so glad that you were eventually able to get it hosted.

I think I may have come across a VERY slight problem, in that the MWS in cockpit view shows the bottom 4 attention lights (anti-ice and ext power) overlapping the bottom of the bitmap for the surround.

I had a quick check with FS Panel Studio and found that although the main panel bitmap does indeed show 17 rows of attention lights, the bitmap for the gauge ML-Bae146v40!cockpit_spot_light only shows 16, and this I think is giving the overlap.

I have edited the bitmap for the gauge and with a quick bit of copy/paste and resize in PSP seem to have managed a quick and dirty fix, but I was just wondering if anybody else has noticed this or is it just my panel.

Anyway thanks for all the tremendous hard work that must have gone into this project and please carry on behalf of all 146 pilots producing panels that quit honestly put more than a few pay-ware items to shame.

Jim Hodkinson
#2 Re: MWS Gauge von Matthias_L 20.09.2007 07:05

Hello Jim,

Thank you very much for your posting and the kind words. I'm very happy that you like the panel.

About the MWS:
No, you're not the only one having this problem. I got the same info from two flightsimmers who have tested the betaversion of the panel. Unfortunately I didn't find the reason for the problem because I didn't know (or read over the info) that it just happens when switching on the panel spotlight. Now I know the reason and could solve it As soon as I have time enough, I will create a new spotlight bitmap and upload a fix for this bug.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Regards
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