#1 BAe 146 Panel V3.0 von Freddo 23.12.2008 09:37

"HOUSTON - WE HAVE A PROBLEM" I go through the detailed start-up procedure, all is ok then engines 2 & 3 just do not want to fire up, they get to 22% N2 then we have a no fire, kinda reminds me of the truck I drive (if you park it wrong ya spen half an hour pumping the fuel through the pump) could you help with this problem, I am running FS9 on windows xp home if thats any help.
#2 Re: BAe 146 Panel V3.0 von Adrian19 24.12.2008 01:46

Hi Freddo,

you were probably using a 2 engined aircraft before this one , it's not an uncommon problem.

Just close all the cut-off valves in FS before going through the start-up procedure, I think its 'Ctrl + F4' or 'Ctrl + Shift + F4', this generally cures the problem. Matthias' panel uses its own systems and sometimes the FS ones interfere.

Hope this helps,

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