#1 Cabin views von Highlander_821 03.12.2010 18:37

I am using the panel with Jon Murchison's wonderful BAE-146-300 hosted at HJG's site. I notice now with the panel installed, I get cabin views when I go to look to the sides from the cockpit. However I have seen some people post screenshots where they appear to have cockpit window views when looking to the sides.

Is there a method to switch between these views? Most of the time I fly IFR, so no need to really be looking out of the side windows much, but if I wanted to practice hand flying circuits around an airport, is there a way to do away with the cabin views temporarily?

I am running FSX SP2 (no acceleration) under Windows Vista SP2, if that matters.

#2 Re: Cabin views von Adrian19 07.12.2010 02:46


you won't get the cockpit windows in FSX, it just doesn't work, instead MS/Aces decided to use the virtual cockpit for these views, so unless the Aircraft comes with a VC, you won't see the windows.

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