#1 Long Delays von Matthias_L 28.03.2008 11:29

Hi All,

Because of several private reasons it's ot possible for me to visit the forum and answer your questions in time. The same to your mails which are still unanswered. I'm very sorry about this.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best Regards
#2 Re: Long Delays von Adrian19 28.03.2008 20:00

Hi Matthias,

It's really not a problem, I think most of us have other commitments aside from FS, just pop in when you can, I'm sure that most of us that have used your panels for the last few years, have the experience to answer all, but the most difficult questions.

Best .... Adrian W.
#3 Re: Long Delays von Chris13 13.06.2008 18:39

Hi Matthias

is the panel dead?
In the last few mounth you wrote nothing.
Please, say a word....

#4 Re: Long Delays von Adrian19 14.06.2008 03:29

Hi Chris,

as Matthias has stated above, for private reasons he is unable to answer questions or develop for the time being.

During this undefined period, Peter and myself will try to answer questions and keep things ticking over,

................Adrian W.
#5 Re: Long Delays von Dens 05.07.2008 14:54

Thank you thank you and than you again for all this wonderful work. Your panels are excellent and it's a great pleasure to fly with them ...
Hope lateral views will work soon (as well as VC)


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