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A friend of my told me of your nice panel. I downloaded and installed the aircraft (14QT6.zip) and the panel- files Mlarjv41, 42 and vp1.
Now I found on avsim ml146pv3_138348.zip. Is this a complete package (aircraft + panel)?
Is panel v3 the same as I have or a next step?
thanks to make freeware!

#2 Re: Version 3 von Matthias_L 01.08.2007 19:08

Hi Luc,

Thank you very much for your posting and for using my ARJ panel. First of all I have to say sorry that I have moved your posting from the old forum to this new one. It was necessary because I didn't had the time to answer you in the old Forum as it was necessary to remove it.

Now to your questions:

The version 3 panel you saw on Avsim is for the BAe 146. The panel you are currently using (version 4.2) is for the Avro ARJ. Both aircraft look similar. However the Avro ARJ is the newer model which has newer engines and a more modern semi digital cockpit. The BAe 146 is the older model with a complete analog cockpit. At the moment version 3.0 is the actual version of the analog BAe 146 panel. I'm currently working on version 4 but it will still take some time until it is ready. If you would like to compare the cockpits just click on the BAe 146 and Avro ARJ link on the left frame of this website.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: Version 3 von Heron 03.08.2007 20:01


I was mixing the two aircrafts whith the result that nothing was working.
Peter De Roose send me the correct files and helped me by Skype to install the ARJ - SNBrussels aircraft.
No it's looks fine and I start studying the manual

Thanks for the help, Peter.

Have a nice Flight

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