#1 SPEEDBRAKES von aetio 13.04.2008 22:31

looking to the real BAe146, when it's on final tail big speedbrakes are extended, while wings speedbrakes are retract . How can i do that, in our very good Bae Panel project aircraft?
Thanks for replies ;-))

#2 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von Adrian19 15.04.2008 03:55

Hi Ezio,

I think the best way is to use an axis for this. At about 3/4 travel the speedbrakes will be fully deployed and in the full position the spoilers will deploy as well, just like the real thing.

Best.... Adrian W.
#3 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von aetio 15.04.2008 19:57

Hi Adrian,

as you can see on this VIDEO - wings airbrakes extend only when 146 is landed....Tail brakes instead extend when 146 is on final........
Best wishes ;-))

#4 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von Adrian19 16.04.2008 03:05

The flaps that lift on the wings are the 'Lift Dump Spoilers' , they destroy any lift that the wings produce, which is why they are only used on the ground.

The airbrakes are the conic section at the rear of the fuselage that opens outwards to slow the aircraft down, these can be deployed while the aircraft is still in flight, normally on approach.

By assigning an axis to the spoilers in FS, you will be able to control them correctly. i.e. 75% lever position will give full airbrakes and then once on the ground, you manually move the lever to 100% for full airbrakes and lift dump spoilers just like in the real 146.

N.B. The automatic deployment of the spoilers didn't come about until the ARJ's were built.

Best.... Adrian W.
#5 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von aetio 16.04.2008 16:33

Hi Adrian,

thanks very much for your reply...now all it's clear
best wishes,

#6 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von Ryan 23.04.2008 14:11

The airbrake can be used during flight and is deployed just before landing. The lift dump spoilers are not available in flight. Either 2 mains or 1 main and the nose wheel MUST be on the ground for the Lift dump spoilers to deploy, and even then there is a 6 second delay.

If the pilot commences a go-around once on the ground, the spoilers will automatically close. (2 throttle leavers must be at a high power setting). The air brake how ever doesn't.

Dont know if that helps explain the system?

BAe146/RJ Maintenance Engineer
#7 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von Adrian19 28.04.2008 00:22

Hi Ryan,

welcome to the forum, it's nice to see people with hands-on experience, coming on the forums to give us information.

...............Adrian W.
#8 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von Ryan 29.04.2008 14:12

G'Day Adrian

Thanks. Ive been helpin Mathias out for a while with the panel. But only recently made the forum account.

I enjoy explaining systems to people. I still have lots to learn myself (never ends!!!)
#9 Re: SPEEDBRAKES von aetio 02.05.2008 09:48

Thanks v.m. Ryan,
the BAe146 is a very good/nice aircraft. Many and many thanks to BAe Panel Project. Your BAe146 is very well made........
I sim.fly this version
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