#1 FSX crashed von Palani 27.09.2007 14:32

First of all I'd like to thank you for this outstanding Panel. Since I've found your Panel going along with Jons BAe model, I don't need a flight simulator. I rather need a BAe simulator.

Yesterday I tried to install your new version in FSX. Although the manual was for FS9 and not FSX I tried to follow it to the very step. When FSX is started with the BAe and your panel (which took ages - may this be a hint?) all I can do is sit and stare - because, when I flick any switch FSX crashes.
Can anybody help me with this?

best regards
#2 Re: FSX crashed von Matthias_L 28.09.2007 07:12

Hello Palani,

Thank you very much for your posting and the compliment about the BAe 146 panel.

About your problem:
I assume that you are using the newest version (4.0), because version 3.0 isn't compatible with FSX. Unfortunately I still don't use FSX (hope I get my new computer which is necessary for FSX in the next weeks), so I couldn't say what's going wrong here. However there were two betatesters who have checked the new panel in FSX without major problems. Because of this, I recommend to check if really all files were installed in the correct folder (that's especially very important for the ini files, cfg files and the *.gau files). When one of those files is in the wrong folder, FSX crashes. Also a reason could be a missing sound file (*.wav file). The files of the sounds.zip must be installed into the sound folder of FSX (not the sound folder of the aircraft).

Hope this helps a little bit.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: FSX crashed von terrys 28.09.2007 12:33


I run this in FSX with no problems, followed the install docs and works fine.

it does take a while to load in the panels.

the only thing that crashes is me
#4 Re[3]: FSX crashed von Palani 28.09.2007 12:47

Thanks for the replies. And here are the news: I installed it again and now it works - well, kind of.
I seem not to be able to show the pressure (tms) panel. I had to go into following view mode force it with shift-6 (I think it's 6) and change back to cockpit view. But when I hide it again I can't bring it to foreground.
But I try again - this is just to good to miss it.

best regards

edit: Oh, and sorry - of course I installed 4.0. Should've said.
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