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#1 BAe Panel Project closed von Matthias_L 26.07.2008 13:10

Hi All,

The BAe Panel Project stops making panels now. Please see the main site "About" for more informations and for the reasons.

The website, all downloads and the support forum stays online for an indefinite time. Unfortunately I could not give support in the forum very often because of the missing time, but Adrian and Peter are forum administrators of the BAe Panel Project forum and have a lot of experience with my panels and both are willing to help you if you have problems. Also there are a lot of forum members who have experience with the real aircraft in case you have particular questions. Of course each forum member is welcome to help with every question if he can.

It was a lot of fun working with you, talking about the Flightsimulator and get in private contact with some of you. I wll miss this.

Best Regards
#2 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von wegi 26.07.2008 15:04

It's really said Matthias, but thank you for your great and hard work. I want to wish you everything the best in your private life.

take care,

ps - 2d rulez ;)
#3 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von wojtus 26.07.2008 16:03

Thank you Matthias, for all the tremendous work you have done. You've created the best available 146/RJ panel, software I use for some years to bring me a bit closer to my favourite aircraft. Of course your decision is sad for everyone of us, but I believe you have had to take it and I accept it.
Once again: thank you very very much. Despite FS-sites behaviour, you work is really appreciated by users.
I wish you best of luck in your private life.

#4 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Phillip S 26.07.2008 16:35

thanks for all your wonderful work over the years. Shame to hear your stopping. good luck with the future.

#5 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Egbert Drenth 26.07.2008 20:09

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for everything you have given us to enjoy Flight Simulator even more.
Much appreciated!

Egbert Drenth
#6 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von phosfour 26.07.2008 22:59

Hi Matthias!

Sad to hear that you stop the project, but your decision is completely understandable.
I would like to thank you for your wonderful work. Because of it I had some of the nicest experiences with fs9 flying the bae 146 in Air Dolomiti Livery. With this panel I also started my online flying "career"...
Thanks again for your great panel job, good luck for the future and all the best,

#7 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von scoobflight 27.07.2008 00:45

thanks for your work and gifts to the FS community. i am saddened that you are leaving, in part, because of those that cannot accept a gift in the spirit it is intended.

i have enjoyed your aircraft for years. i'm especially fond of the J31.

me best to you on family issues. as others have stated, blood is thicker than FS.

#8 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Dan MKE 27.07.2008 04:45

Thank You! Thank you for everything and I hope all the important parts work out for you.
#9 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Sidney Schwartz 27.07.2008 05:21

It would not be possible to adequately express my appreciation for all the enjoyment I've gotten from your work. In my opinion your panels are among the very best ever made....and that is coming from someone who bought his first copy of the Sublogic Flight Simulator more than 20 years ago. I'm sure I join all your many other fans in wishing you and your family only the best. Thanks, Matthias....we'll miss you!
#10 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Greno Zee 28.07.2008 10:13

Thanks for everything and let me join the well wishing party. Besides all of the obvious posted by others above I'd like to add that your work has been a great source of inspiration for me and helped me a lot in my attempts to learn about panel creation.
Also, let me add that I subjectively consider your work the best that ever appeared on my hard drive.
And finally, since it's obvious you've enjoyed this work a lot, I'm quite confident future versions of FS will bring you to thinking how things could be done better, other way such... You might even be back
#11 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Adrian19 28.07.2008 19:28

Very sad news Matthias,

I wasn't home over the weekend, so have only just read this post.

Thank you very much, for all your hard work, I still think these panels are the best freeware panels out there. So much so, I'm wondering if there might be enough of us out there, to keep the 'Project' alive, perhaps continuing development for FSX and beyond.

Wishing you the best Matthias and hope that one day, you will come back to us,

...................Adrian W.
#12 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Salvador 30.07.2008 21:30

Many thanks for all the enjoyment I have had thanks to your panels, the 146 will always be one of my favourite FS birds thanks to you.

All the best for the future,

#13 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von jmtib 03.08.2008 09:30

Dear Matthias!
I feel very sorry for these news...I understand that it is sometimes time to turn the page. Thank you very much for this10 years of work, it was great! (for us!).
I wish all the best and thanks again!
#14 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von kremin 06.08.2008 13:36


I'm very sad to learn that the Project is closed but only you can decide your future and we must respect your decision. Thanks for the wonderful panels and great support over the years - and I believe in the saying "Never say never" - who knows, you might be back one day - we can only hope so!

Best regards

Rick Canham
South Australia
#15 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Greg Goodavish 08.08.2008 12:51

Very sorry to hear this, Matthias. Most of us could care less for a VC, and your panels were AWESOME! The Bae146 and Avro were some of my favorite aircraft, and they were because of your panels. I respect your decision, but also hope that after a rest, you might decide to come back some day. Thanks for all you did for the FS community. You will never be forgotten!
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