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#16 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von RwO 04.09.2008 09:12

Hey, Thanks for everything, I still think your panels are some of the best I've seen and used. I don't used VC, so for me it's a great loss, but I do respect your decision and would like to congratulate you again for your great work.
Take care and Tchuss,
#17 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von ppgerard 19.09.2008 18:37

I discovered this really beatiful, very well designed panel just 3 days ago.

A demonstration of perseverance and knowledge.

Thank you very much, I appreciate your your effort
#18 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von PhilippAT 15.10.2008 11:00

Matthias, really sad to read this, because I always enjoying it to use your panel in the Jumbolino. Your work was great and I know how lots of work you did.
AFG announced a BAe 146 and i would looking forward, if you could do your last work in working together with them in making the panel. It´s a suggestion only, but in my opinion it would be easier for me to say good bye with your panel in this freeware.
Anyway, Matthias, again a big thank you for your time and for your panel.

Grüsse und viel Erfolg auf Deinem weiteren Wegen.

Phil from Munich
#19 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Matthias_L 20.11.2008 14:59

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm very happy about it and it makes my farewell not easy.


It's not necessary to make a special version of my panel for the AFG BAe 146, because Paul is making an own 2D Panel for the package. Nevertheless you won't miss anything because he use most of my gauges and systems (with my permission of corse). When Paul don't change too much in the systems (and I don't think so because the systems I made are closed systems), you can use his panel or my panel. But seeing that Paul's panel is newer and equipped with new things, I recommend to use Paul's work. Just wait and see what Paul will do. I'm sure you like it.

Best Regards
#20 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Peter 20.11.2008 22:15

Hello Matthias,

I'm very happy that you didn't forget us and also to see you on the forum. I hope you are doing well and hope to see you soon again. I'll e-mail you within a couple of days.

Best regards,

#21 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von aetio 20.12.2008 17:53

Noooooooooo... !!!
it's a very sad & bad notice, Matthias........ i'm very sorry for this: your excellent work don't deserve this end....

But only you can decide, and we must respect your decision...Thank you very much for all your hard works, I still think yours panels are the best freeware panels out there...
#22 Re: BAe Panel Project closed von Goulash 30.04.2009 09:07

I've only just found out about this. Sad to hear you're closing the project but real life does take over and a decision like this can only go in this order,

1. Real life
2. Panel making

Thanks for your excellent work over the years as i've used your panel for what seems like forever in my 146 TNT cargo ferrying capacity and stressed myself out completely when not paying attention to the various warnings both visual and audio that come as standard in your panel. Good luck for the future and if you do decide to come back, i'm sure you'll be given a warm welcome and a large virtual beer
#23 problems loading aircraft j31 von gjaramil06 04.05.2014 18:17

Hello Mathias:
Long time ago I left the flight simulator because I have to much time. But now I wanted to install all, one more time, but I have a problem. FS9 doesn´t want to load 2 files XMLsound.dll and dfd_gpws.gau, for instance then the J31 don´t work.
Then I´ve closed FS9,
Inmediately I´ve opened the fs9.cfg and the entry
has disappeared. Then I enter onemore time the entry [oldmodules] but one more time the airplane don´t work and the same old scene. This thing has passed me over and over again.

Can you help me with this?

#24 RE: problems loading aircraft j31 von gjaramil06 11.05.2014 22:56


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