#1 Spoilers and Flaps von swisscowswiss 09.06.2008 01:30

I recently downlaoded the BAe 146-300/RJ100 from the Historic Jetliners Group. In addition I downloaded a spectacular panel from BAe Panel project. However Ive run into a few problems. :cry Im unable to get the flaps or spoilers to deploy. I've read the installation very carefully and tried re-installing. The ony way to get the flaps to deploy is to hold down F8. If i let go the handle jumps back to 0 and the flaps retract. The same goes with the speed brake, the handel snaps back.
can someone help?
#2 Re: Spoilers and Flaps von Adrian19 09.06.2008 03:02

Hi Swisscowswiss and welcome to the forum,

first of all the HJG panel and the panel on this site are basically the same panel, both have been programmed by Matthias. The HJG version was "tuned" to Jon Murchisons new model so it would probably be better to use that version.

If the Flaps and Speedbrakes are not deploying correctly then there is a good chance that the Hydraulic system is not operative, have you checked this on the overhead panel and on the MWS ? ......When ready for departure the MWS should only display green or white indicators, if there are any red or yellow then something is wrong, recheck the overhead.

Are your engines running ? .....The Hydraulic system will not be fully functional until the engines are running, if you're parked at the gate or ramp, then you will only have Hydraulic pressure for the brakes via the DC pump. Full Hydraulic pressure for Flaps, Airbrakes and Spoilers will not be available until the engines are running and these systems turned on.

Hope this helps,

................Adrian W.
#3 Re: Spoilers and Flaps von swisscowswiss 09.06.2008 04:25

I downloaded both the plane and the panel from HJG so if i understand correctly all that should be fine.
Yes the engines were running, otherwise it would have been only natural for the flaps not to extend. Because I just wanted to test everything out real fast I used the autostart feature. Im not sure if that activates the whole hydraulics system?
#4 Re: Spoilers and Flaps von swisscowswiss 09.06.2008 05:40

Okay It was because I hadn't turned on the hydraulics pumps. What a silly mistake! I guess I assumed the Auto Start would have done it.
#5 Re: Spoilers and Flaps von Adrian19 09.06.2008 12:15


glad all is working for you now. Always a good idea to double check the MWS and Overhead when something doesn't work

Silly I think we've all made those sort of mistakes, don't worry it probably won't be the last

Actually page 32 of the manual explains the Autostart feature, normally the Hydraulics should switch on with this feature, so not sure why they didn't !!

................Adrian W.
#6 Re: Spoilers and Flaps von Ryan 10.06.2008 14:01

Good stuff, you found the problem

The flaps could can be operated on the ground without the engines running (generally only done for maintenance). This is done by switching the AC Pump and PTU to on. AC pump is the yellow hydraulic system and the PTU is for the Green hydraulic system. To operate the flaps, both systems MUST be on other wise you will get a flap fault on the MWS. The spoilers are similar, in that half are on the yellow system and half on the green. Also you will need to make sure the spoiler control switches on the over head are on or they will not deploy.
#7 Re: Spoilers and Flaps von Adrian19 10.06.2008 18:23

Thanks Ryan,

I forgot to mention the AC pump and PTU, obviously needed for maintenance.

...............Adrian W.
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