#1 Panel & vasFMC von NP12 16.12.2007 17:44


I've a problem with AVRO RJ panel and vasFMC. When I've selected in vasFMC ''AP couple'' -mode
the panel don't take HDG from vasFMC. Normally when AP is selected in vasFMC and in panel of aircraft is HDG -mode aircraft follows route. But with Avro RJ panel HDG mode don't take heading from vasFMC as should: it keeps same heading which I have setted to it. Can this problem solve? If yes, how?

#2 Re: Panel & vasFMC von Matthias_L 17.12.2007 09:28

Hi NP,

For using an external GPS or FMS program, you must install version 4.2 of the ARJ panel first. You find an update to version 4.2 here on this website.

After you've installed version 4.2, you activate the heading function of vasFMC with the LNav button of the ARJ MCP. Do not use the HDG button of the MCP when using a lateral navigation with vasFMC.

Best Regards
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