#1 Radar Altitude von Nand144 27.09.2007 13:49

First of all congratulations with your superb panel

In the new BAE146 panel it is possible to adjust the readout of the radar alt to exactly show 0 when on ground. On the Avro panel it shows 8 feet when ON ground. Is it possible to adjust this somewhere in the config file?

#2 Re: Radar Altitude von Matthias_L 28.09.2007 07:17


Thank you very much for your compliment about my panel. I'm very happy that you like it.

Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the radar altitude in the ARJ panel at the moment. For the BAe 146 panel I made an own variable for the radar alt. The ARJ panel still use the standard variable which gets it's value from the aircraft model. I think it should be possible to change this with a new ARJ panel version.

Best Regards
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