#1 Is Matthias still around sometimes? von Palani 12.02.2013 11:47

Hello to all,
although I had myself scarce the recent years, now I had picked up enough momentum to rejoin the flightsimmers community. And (as always within the recent years) the only really essential plane I need is my beloved BAe 146-XXX (before I babble you into unconsciousness, got some time to spend?)
So far so good. But then again I banged into the same problems as ever. This should be no critic to this great panel, but there are some issues . . . well, I better leave it at this.

While it is better to search for a candle than cursing the darkness I dived into the xml-files, looking for enlightenment. And what a deep dive that indeed was. I almost drowned and had a peek on quite a variety of deep-down-dwellers of the scary persuasion.
Yes, I do know many programmers still making gorgeous gauges (pun not intended) using FS9 xml-scheme. It's so much more elegant and shorter than FSX xml-scheme. On the other hand one looses access to some of the new variables (and I don't have the FS9-SDK anyway).

My intention now is not to copy the panel MatthiasL build. I wouldn't dream of stepping in the light with such a statement. Speaking of panel design I still considering him as sort of Sensei. I am doing my own bitmaps and writing my own xml-files. But still . . . there are so many questions about realizing some functions (momentary the electrical system is driving me nuts - for the time being, the idea putting a gun to my head has it's advances) that the manual alone is a vast source of information.

The question at hand is now if MatthiasL is still around in this forum once in a while and (this is the crucial part) may he be willing to share his knowledge with me?

To say it once again (not to say to tune a finer point on this) I don't want to spoil your work, nor I'm willing to ignore the time and thought you put in your panels. If you have the feeling I've trodden on your toes: Just say the word and I'm backing out and never be seen again.

#2 Re: Is Matthias still around sometimes? von Palani 16.02.2013 08:32

Someone? Anyone? Please?
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