#1 Help regarding MS Vista von Matthias_L 09.12.2007 12:52

Hi All,

Okay, since Friday I have a new computer now. Not the one I was looking for but, because of my HD crash, I need one faster and had to make a compromise. But now, two days after I bought it, I have the first problems with MS Vista (Home Edition). I have installed the Flightsimulator today and now I want to install the first aircraft (a BAe 146 of course ), but it doesn't work. I could not change and save a file. The computer says I don't have the rights to save the file (mostly cfg files) . But it's the same with other programs. It's wonderful to start programs and to look at them but it would be more wonderful if I could also work with them and save anything. BTW: I'm the only user of the computer and I have those so called administator rights. What must I do that I could save a file (the files and folders are not save protected)? Hope anyone here has experience with Vista and could help me

Best Regards
#2 Re: Help regarding MS Vista von Peter 09.12.2007 16:31

Hello Matthias,

Until now I am not a Vista user. From the moment that the most bugs are resolved I think to buy Vista ...

Recently I found this information in a forum about FSX, maybe it's usefull for other software too : "The main consideration for running FSX in Vista is to install the program to a folder outside of the Program Files (x86), Program Files or ProgramData directories. There's too much OS protection going on in those folders to effectively install, configure and adjust files as needed.

And turn off UAC, virus scanners and Windows Defender before attempting to install. The installation will run smoother and be less troublesome in the end."

I hope these information is usefull for you and others.

BTW : Do you still need help for recovering your harddisk ?

Best regards,

#3 Re: Help regarding MS Vista von Matthias_L 09.12.2007 16:54

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for this tip. In the meanme I found out that a lot of folders ARE write protected. Even if I'm admin, I have no rights to change this. Very strange thing. I will try your tip and hpe it works. However when I think back to my last new computer, there were also many problems which seems could not be solved in the beginning. In the end its just a question of time. I'm sure I bring this small black devil to run

About my harddisc problem:
I will write something about it in the other (News) topic.

Best Regards
#4 Re: Help regarding MS Vista von Sidney Schwartz 16.12.2007 07:59

Hi Matthias,

A friend of mine who upgraded (?) to Vista had the same problem with not being able to change files. Here's what he said you need to do to fix that...

... he has to go into the 'User Accounts' and Turn off 'User Account Control'

>>>>>> Control Panel - User Accounts - Turn User Account Control On or Off <<<<<<<<

Hope that does the trick for you.
#5 Re: Help regarding MS Vista von Matthias_L 17.12.2007 09:21

Hi Sidney,

Thank you very much for this tip. Because of my endeavours restoring my old files and converting my mails and mailaddresses, I couldn't go on with the Vista problem yet. Nevertheless I was now able to restore almost all files and to open my mails (with Netscape), so I could go on with this thing now. Of course I will try Peter's and your tip the next days.

Best Regards
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