#1 FS Navigator von pastordude 27.03.2008 11:43

I recently downloaded the BAe146-300 of Jon Murtchison and the terrific panel for the AC from BAe panel project. I have been using FS Navigator for a while but it doesn't seem to link with the BAe 146 panel. What do I need to do to get the two to work together?

#2 Re: FS Navigator von pastordude 28.03.2008 21:48

Well, after a bit of trial and error (mostly error), I discovered that I can export from FS Nav to FS9. Then I can download the FP from there and fly it. It wasn't the answer that I was looking for, but it works. I've gotten spoiled using FS Nav, so I'll keep looking for another way.

#3 Re: FS Navigator von Adrian19 28.03.2008 22:14

Hi JC,

have a read of page 116 of the Manual, Matthias has added a specific lateral navigation mode for use with external Nav programs, the 'LNAV' button, it works with FSNav, CIVA INS, vasFMC, etc. I've used it myself with all these programs.

Best.... Adrian W.
#4 Re: FS Navigator von pastordude 29.03.2008 02:52


Thanks very much for the pointer! I read the manual 8-10 times but I sure missed that one. In my manual it's on pg 119, but it certainly is clear. Thanks for the help.

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