#1 missing side view von terrys 20.09.2007 13:07

could any one help, i have followed the installation instructions and all works fine except when i pan left or right i do not get any panel view, just empty sky (or ground).
#2 Re: missing side view von Matthias_L 21.09.2007 07:47

Hello terrys,

Aircraft without VC did not support a "real" panning of the views. Just fixed views, like forward left, left, right, and so on, are supported. Those fixed views are part of my panel. To use them you must install the correct panel.cfg which is made for aircraft WITHOUT (!) VC.

Best Regards
#3 Re[2]: missing side view von terrys 21.09.2007 12:37

thanks for that, looks like the cfg may be wrong then, I will have an 'investigate' it doesn't detract from the the panel, just a nice to have. I shall await the new models for fsx with vc to really test it.
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