#1 2D sideviews in Paul Hannity's model? von Jef 11.08.2007 10:17


First off, let me thank you for this amazing panel project.
I'm using Paul Hannity's model with your Avro ARJ panel. As you know, it comes with a VC. Now I'd prefer using your 2D sideviews instead of the VC's. Is this possible, and if so, could you tell me how?


#2 Re: 2D sideviews in Paul Hannity's model? von Matthias_L 14.08.2007 15:32

Hi Jef,

Thank you very much for your posting and the compliment about my panel. I'm very happy that you like it and I'm very proud that you prefer my 2D views. Unfortunately a vitual cockpit is always part of the aircraft mdl file. The only one who could replace it is the aircraft designer. Maybe you could contact Paul and ask him.

Sorry, that I have no better news.

Best Regards
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