#1 Matthias, a question.......... von JBaymore 07.05.2008 18:20


As you might remember we have for a long time been discussing the possibilities of getting keypresses to activate all of your panel gauges along with the possibility of mouse clicks. This is for us simpit builders.

Peter Dowson just released a new version of FSUIPC for FS2004. That new version has the ability to look into the code for gauges in a plane and then let you set a keypress to activate them instead of using the onscreen mouse clicks. Hs says that it does not work with ALL gauges... but that those done in C++ seem to work the best.

I was wondering if you know if your stuff works with this feature, or what programming language the gauges are written in, or if you have been in communication with Pete on any of this idea?

Appreciate any info on this you can give me. I might finally be able to "hook" into your great panels for my pit.



PS: Sorry to hear about your computer "travails".
#2 Re: Matthias, a question.......... von Adrian19 09.05.2008 18:27

Hi John,

I thought the same thing when I saw the new version of FSUIPC, so I tried it out. No joy, it doesn't seem to work with XML gauges as yet.

...............Adrian W.
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